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Each person who enters our doors at Vine Academy will discover his/her unique calling from God to change the world!  We are all on a Hero’s Journey; we face challenges, we experience defeat, we find strength, we lean on others, we rely on ourselves, we work together and we succeed. We redefine education, and we do it because it is our calling for young Learners to know they are geniuses and will change this world.

We are Vine Academy, an Acton Affiliate. Acton Academy, founded in 2009, is a private micro-school and learner-driven community, combining elements of the Montessori method with Socratic guiding, hands-on experiential quests, and interactive technology.  

At Vine Academy, we have a mixed-aged classroom called a Studio with a Guide to help navigate the self-paced learning design as opposed to teachers of specific grade levels.

Our real-world-oriented Quests culminate in a public exhibition of learning as opposed to test scores and report cards.

Our Learners are empowered to be in the driver’s seat of their own education…to help cultivate a lifetime love of learning.

We are seeking a full-time Elementary School Guide to join us on our Hero’s Journey as owners of Vine Academy, as we continue to grow our school and welcome new Learners into our unique, fun, challenging, exciting learning-environment. This position will begin as an apprentice role, working alongside our current Guide, learning the Acton model, systems and processes, and then transitioning into a full-time, lead Guide role by March 2022.  

Responsibilities include:

1.         Leading Socratic discussions and learning how to work with the Acton Academy learning design, processes and systems

2. Equip our Learners to explore and take ownership of their learning

3. Ask questions and answer questions with questions

4. Identify and prepare daily launches (provided in Acton Toolshed Library) and present content for Quest challenges and projects.

Required Skills:

1. Positive Attitude and Personal Initiative

2. Experience managing mixed aged groups of children

3. Deep heart for children and a trust and respect for their ability to learn and grow without heavy adult intervention

4. Curious, eager to learn, open to a new paradigm of education 

5. Committed to own Hero’s Journey

*Formal education degree nor experience as a teacher in a traditional education model not required

Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am-3:00pm 

Pay: $18/hour in apprentice Guide role (February 2022), $20/hour March-May 2022.  Full Time Salary for fall semester. 

Benefits: Professional and personal development opportunities, Learner focused work environment. While there is a schedule, no two days are the same! Health benefits are not offered at this time, but as the school grows, we are open to the conversation. 

For more information or to discuss this opportunity, please email and indicate – Guide position – in the subject.